Tax Debt Relief Services in USA
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Top Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

Are you wondering how to lower the amount you owe to the Internal Revenue Service? Are there options that can help you in reducing your tax debt? Well, taxpayers who find it challenging to pay their tax debts can always get good riddance from this problem by going for the best tax debt relief services in USA. There is effective help available out there in the form of tax debt relief firms that work with the objective of helping tax payers in lowering their debt levels. These companies also help the tax payers by providing them guidance on different audits and in coming up with payment contracts with the Internal Revenue Service. The companies also have the ability of stopping potential penalties like wage garnishments. Accredited tax debt relief organizations specialize in the field of providing tax debt relief solutions to clients and can always be of good help.

Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

While it is always a good idea to pay off all your tax debts in time and before the IRS actually comes knocking at your door, things do not always work the way you want in this perfect world. In this highly volatile economic world, tax payments tend to fall through cracks. For struggling tax payers, it is a good idea to consider the services of tax relief professionals and companies that are skilled at analyzing and working out through the maze-like regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

For the ones who are having a tough time dealing with different IRS tax issues, it is easy to get tempted to handling everything on their own. They would be of the view that it would help them in saving a huge amount of money. However, the matter of the fact is that it is always considered a worthwhile investment to go for the services of tax debt relief companies in USA to have things working on your side. The top picks in this category are as follows:

Anthem Tax Services

This is one of the best tax debt relief companies in USA providing a wide assortment of tax relief solutions like corporate and individual tax preparation, audit protection, bookkeeping solutions and tax resolutions. The company even helps with unfiled returns, special tax preparations and state taxes. It is also into helping its clients get completely out of tax debt by reaching mutual agreements with Federal or State collection firms by way of penalty abatements, offers in compromise and installment agreements.

In addition to these services, Anthem Tax Services also advertises to get a levy and garnishment release within a time span of 48 hours in case the customer has filed all his or her tax returns. The company operates remotely by contacting corresponding firms through emails, phone and fax. This further allows the firm to provide more competitive prices in comparison to majority of the local agencies. The firm does not charge any hourly representation fee.

Tax Laws and Tax Preparations

Anthem Tax Services possesses more than 30 years of good experience in tax laws and tax preparations. One of the most exclusive features of this firm is that all its staff members and the company itself are licensed by the Internal Revenue Service in the field of preparing tax returns. Customers at this agency can request no-obligation and free case and consultation reviews either through the website of the company or through phone contact. For this, clients will have to furnish their contact details and an approximate idea of the amount they owe to the IRS. The company offers its service in all 50 states of America and has two branches located in Florida and California. Customer support can be availed through chat, email and on phone.

Community Tax Relief

Speaking of Community Tax Relief, it is one company that will make it easier for you to get rid of your tax debt. Your tax consultation procedure will always be a very straightforward affair for you if you consider the tax debt relief services of Community Tax relief. As a user, you just need to fill in three fields of information for getting started with the services of the company. These fields include your name, mailing address and phone number. Simply provide this information and the representatives of the company will contact you directly on your phone and start with the investigation procedure.

Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

They will also fill in all important forms on the behalf of their clients. The professional tax consultants working for the company carry out the task of analyzing the finances of the client and comparing the same to applicable and relevant state and IRS standards. The ultimate step is informing the customers about the findings and providing them with several tax debt relief options prior to making the final decision.

Tax Debt Relief Services

The tax debt relief services that come from this company offer clients with a two-step, fully-customized program. Community Tax Relief is one of the best tax debt relief services in USA with a program specifically designed for making it easier for the customers to handle their tax debts. With this program coming in handy, the clients do not have to make the payment of huge up-front fees in order to avail top quality services. The first step is where the company completes the free tax consultation of the customer; investigates his finances and his present standing with the IRS.

The second step involves gathering more documents and information for creating a detailed proposal to be submitted to the State and the IRS. Clients have the option of receiving different tax relief alternatives like Offers in Compromise, Partial Pay Installment, Stair Step Agreements, and Installment Agreements, penalty Abatement, Traditional Installment Agreements, Conditional Installment Agreements, Currently No Collectible Status and Streamline Installment Agreements.

Optima Tax Relief

If you are in the look out of confidential and free tax debt relief services in USA then Optima Tax Relief would be the right choice for you. Again, even this tax debt relief company enquires about the finances and the location of its clients as the very first step in providing free tax consultation services. Once the clients are done with answering both these questions, they get an idea of whether they can or cannot apply to receive free tax evaluations and estimates with Optima. The customers need to provide their basic personal data to the company.

A qualified tax professional from Optima later contacts the client to discuss the kind of consultation he or she requires. This might include steps where the client wants to get rid of tax levies and liens, end wage garnishments, file overdue returns, prevent asset seizures and offer in compromise. The tax lawyers working for this company put in their best efforts in building a case meticulously and securing the best possible deal from the IRS for a client. There is a huge selection of tax debt resolution services provided by the company. These include criminal tax defense, audit representation, stop wage garnishments, spouse relief, tax expiration and IRS tax discharge solutions.

Tax Compliance and Tax Preparation Services

Optima Tax Relief is also into offering two other varieties of tax help in addition to the standard tax debt relief solutions that it has on offer. The company is one of the best providers of Tax Compliance and Tax Preparation Services. These services of the company have been specifically designed for helping customers in preparing their tax returns. The company boasts of an entire group of skilled professionals completely committed to core functions related to tax preparations.

The firm also offers Tax Settlement and Negotiation Services to help those individuals with outstanding tax debts to the Internal Revenue Service. The teams of tax consultants at one of these best tax debt relief services in USA work towards lowering retirement costs as well. One of the best things about Optima is that it possesses good experience when it comes to negotiating with the State authorities and the IRS on behalf of its consumers. 

Tax Hardship Center

The tax debt resolution programs that come from Tax Hardship Center generally start with free consultations and evaluations. The applicants are required to provide their personal and financial information to the company and the company further works on understanding what kind of assistance it can offer to the clients. Once the free consultation phase is over, the second step of the company tax professionals is completing the four-stage tax debt resolution program. The first step of this stage is carrying out extensive research work. This involves going through the paperwork of the client and establishing direct contact with the IRS. Next, the company works on coming up with custom-tailored programs depending on the commonly used tax debt relief plans used across the industry. These include penalty Abatements, Releases of federal Tax Liens, Offers in Compromise, IRS Installment Agreements, Wage Garnishments and Currently Not Collectible Status.

Internal Revenue Service

Once the research procedure is completed, the company begins with the process of negotiating the debt of the client; receiving compliant standings; attempting viable resolutions between parties and substantiating qualifications. Once the entire case has been resolved successfully, the firm provides advice to its customers on the different ways they can use for avoiding falling into tax debts all over again. The tax professionals also advice the clients to have perfect standing with the Internal Revenue Service and State authorities. The company is also into providing professional quality tax preparation solutions for the ones who are looking to take the work and the pressure of filing taxes away.

Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

When compared to the other tax debt relief services in USA, it was found that Tax Hardship Center is probably one of the most popular tax debt relief companies in USA. It is also a fully certified IRA E-File Provider. It is certified by IRS for power of attorney in 50 states of America. The company enjoys positive customer feedback for the exemplary services it offers in the field of tax preparation and debt relief. It is also worth noting that Tax Hardship Center has been successful in grabbing A+ rating with the Better Busi8ness Bureau.

Victory Tax Lawyers Tax Relief

VTL or Victory Tax Lawyers is a legal company specializing in tax debt resolution, tax controversy and litigation. It is considered one of the best tax debt relief services in USA mainly because it serves both individuals and companies in its very special way. The attorneys working for the firm specialize in tax liens, installment agreements, offshore/FBAR compliances, tax levies, Offers in Compromise, tax preparation and payroll taxes. The lawyers working for the company also have good experience in dealing with hardship status filings or CNC.

Other services provided by the company include tax consultancy services to organizations and business incorporations. The attorneys work in close collaboration with clients serving them on case-by-case basis. The professionals initiate the entire procedure by evaluating the tax compliance position of the client which is then followed by financial review and the establishment of a negotiation program. The negotiation program is established based on available IRS plans and individualized facts.

Tax Debt Relief Services of VTL

Victory Tax Lawyers works as one of the most efficient tax debt resolution companies in USA providing courtesy attorney and free consultation to potential clients. The requests for free tax consultations can be made on the website of the company or through phone. One thing that is noteworthy about this company is that all tax related cases are dealt by experienced and professional lawyers right from the start till the end. This means you will not have to go through the problem of handling intermediaries when availing the tax debt relief services of VTL.

Another great advantage of the services of this company is that the lawyers working for the firm are completely dedicated to providing their services only if they are needed by the customers. The company hires the services of attorneys with minimum five years of skilled experience. The firm does this for ensuring that the tax accounts of all its clients are handled expertly. The state bar agencies regulate the working of the company. These are associations that take up the responsibility of licensing lawyers and regulating the practice and profession of law in all the states of America.

Fresh Start Initiative

This tax debt relief company in USA carries out the task of connecting users with companies they qualify to get tax resolution help. The company does this by way of a six-step procedure. The first step is where the company professionals enquire the clients about the amount they owe to the Internal Revenue Service. The next step involves carrying out a questionnaire about different debt forgiveness plans that come from the IRS. Clients need to provide their basic information in order to get a clear standing of their position with the IRS and in order to know whether they qualify for the tax debt relief plan offered by different companies or not. The company features a series of innumerable tax relief companies including the largest and the best ones across the United States. Majority of these firms are experienced at negotiating with IRS and removing different liens, garnishments and penalties.

Complete Tax Debt Relief

Complete Tax Debt Relief serves a large number of customers across the United States especially when it comes to providing tax relief coverage. The secure and safe online application procedure of this firm is highly useful for all those individuals who want to get good riddance of the tax debts they owe to the IRS.  The entire application procedure is uncomplicated requesting just the basics for getting the clients started with the process of availing debt relief services. The company follows a three-step dent resolution programs when it comes to providing the best tax debt relief services in USA.

Tax Debt Relief Services in USA

Apart from providing tax resolution referrals, Complete Tax Debt is also into providing products from various third-party firms. The products are generally not related to tax debts but have the ability of helping the applicants in different shaky and ugly financial situations. Products advertised by this company cover credit cards, lines of credit, investing guides, and financial management help for families and so on.

The online reputation of this firm is exemplary when it comes to providing the best tax debt resolutions in the United States. The company is known for providing some of the best tax debt resolution programs to solve the tax related issues of its clients easily and quickly.  The company holds a rating with BBB or Better Business Bureau and is also certified by State authorities. 

Tax Defense Network Tax Relief

If you are in the look out of a company that has the potential of providing all-inclusive debt relief plans to its clients then Tax Defense Network would be the perfect option for you. The services provided by this company include tax audit representations, tax negotiation, assistance with all kinds of delinquent taxes, IRS tax liens and levies, wage garnishments, tax preparations and tax settlement.

So, in case you are suffering from the difficult phase of owing a huge amount of money as tax debt to the IRS, it is time for you to consider the tax debt relief services of the companies mentioned above.

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